Lawn Maintenance

At Perry’s Lawn and Maintenance Enterprises Ltd. we understand that every lawn can be a source of pride and enjoyment for families year round. With many years’ experience in the lawn care industry, we specialize in turning lawns, and outdoor areas into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Call us today if you are in need of lawn maintenance, and inquire on any of our professional lawn care or tree cutting services.


  • Lawn Maintenance and Power Raking

    Using a machine powered rake, we remove the dead grass and debris from the lawn, while also removing the thatch underneath, allowing your lawn to breathe. We can also carry out yard maintenance and grass cutting.

  • Lawn Alteration

    This process allows for your lawn to breathe as well as to better retain moisture and in turn reduces the number of times you will need to water it. Lawn cutting can take place at the same time.

  • Lawn Fertilization

    Perry’s Lawn Maintenance uses eco-friendly fertilizers that supply your lawn with all the vital nutrients it requires to stay healthy throughout the year.

  • Sod Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Design

    Whether you’re designing, redesigning your yard, or in need of yard maintenance, we have the experience, skill, and tools necessary to turn your dream into a reality. All work will be carried out by a fully qualified landscaper from our team.

  • Sod

    Start fresh with a new lawn! Perry’s Lawn Maintenance offers all the services you need to lay fresh new sod and follow guidelines for lawn care.

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance Packages

    Perry’s Lawn Maintenance offers everything you need to maintain your healthy and beautiful looking lawn all summer long! Combine your spring/fall clean-up with weekly cuts, lawn care and maintenance so you can enjoy your outdoor living space hassle free.

  • MowingFall/Spring Clean-up

    These services include the removal of leaves and debris from your lawn and garden, as well as the trimming of perennials and removal of annuals from your flower beds. Any other lawn care required will be done at the same time as will yard maintenance if this is needed.

  • Tree/Hedge Trimming

    Maintain the style and order of your outdoor living space by having unruly branches from trees/hedges trimmed.

  • Tree Removal

    We offer professional tree cutting and tree trimming for a variety of tree sizes and locations. We will also be responsible for removing the trees and carrying out any and landscaping that is required.